Middle School

Embark on a dynamic journey through the art of movement with our Middle School dance classes at For The Love Of Dance. From the emotive fluidity of Contemporary dance to the rhythmic precision of Tap, the expressive freedom of Jazz, the timeless elegance of Ballet, and the bold beats of Hip Hop – our classes cater to the creative spirit in every young dancer.

Join us in a space where technique meets passion, and every step is an exploration of expression. Discover the perfect class to unleash your potential.


A style that embraces natural and spontaneous movement borrowing technique from Jazz, Ballet, Funk and Modern dance. Including floor work, self expression, improvisation & interpretation.

Two rows of performers dressed in performace gowns clapping and singing.


Distinguished by percussive footwork, tap dancing mixes old world dance with the new.  Tap uses your feet to mark out precise rhythmic patterns on the floor.  Fred Astaire and the Tap Dogs made this style of dance famous. 


A dance style also known as jazz ballet or modern dance.  Techniques include turns and stretching and routines often consist of traditional jazz, musical theatre and character.  You’ll recognise this style of dance from music film clips. 


A classical dance form demanding grace and precision.  It employs formalised steps and gestures set in intricate, flowing patterns, creating expression through movement.  We make our kids’ ballet classes fun by incorporating modern music and the use of props including beanbags, scarves and ribbon sticks. 

Hip Hop

Featured in music videos by stars including Rhianna, Chris Brown and Beyonce, hip hop is a popular style of dance that uses different parts of the body separately, floor work and sharp, low movements.  This is a very social class. 

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