Founded in 2019, For the Love of Dance aims to assist all individuals in developing confidence, harnessing creativity, enhancing fitness and creating connections with the community. We believe that For the Love of Dance can contribute to the vibrancy and social fabric of the hills, particularly for young people. As we aim to provide students with high quality dance training in an environment that offers the perfect combination of structure, play and FUN!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to instil a great love of dance, that is fun, engaging and inclusive. Our goal is to inspire self-confidence in a nurturing and supportive environment.

Our Core Values

Fun and Engaging

For The Love Of Dance emphasises the importance of fun and engagement in classes to maximise learning, recognising that children thrive in a learning environment enriched by play and enjoyment.

Building Self-Esteem

For The Love Of Dance aims to nurture self-confidence and self-esteem in students, empowering them to express themselves with clarity and equipping them with essential skills for personal growth and empowerment.

Keeping It Safe and Fun for All

Prioritising age-appropriateness in all aspects, including costumes, choreography, and music selection, ensures that all students feel safe and comfortable, fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment.

Where Professionalism Meets Passion

The commitment to professionalism is reflected in the dedication to teaching authentic dance techniques and providing genuine, high-quality dance instruction.


For The Love Of Dance fosters a tight-knit community that supports and cares for teachers, families, and students while actively involving them in local events, promoting inclusivity as a fundamental principle.

Supporting Minds and Moves

For The Love Of Dance places high regard on the well-being of students and staff, dedicating itself to creating a supportive environment where mental well-being is a priority and providing resources and understanding to assist those facing mental health challenges.

Teaching humans, not numbers

Every student and family is valued as unique individuals, with personalised attention and care extending beyond dance routines to support their dreams, aspirations, and distinct qualities, fostering a warm and welcoming atmosphere that celebrates individuality.

Questions and enquires

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